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Endless Possibilities

Create just what you need for your Perfect Website. Choose from a wide range of Elements & simply put them on your own Canvas.

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Create just what you need for your Perfect Website. Choose from a wide range of Elements & simply put them on your own Canvas.

Tips, Treasures, Business Adventures

Hi, we're ProfitGuider

Our mission is to help you make make money and save time in the new digital age. We operate marketplaces and provide services so you can benefit from tips, treasures and business adventures every day.

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Today's instant information and mobile access revolution presents constant change, digital clutter and just too many darn choices. Be it Business Services, Shopping Opportunities, Digital Design, Information Research  - whatever your challenge or question, we're here to give you a competitive edge.

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Not just the corner store anymore.

Shopping Secrets

Going to the corner store was simple.  Now your shopping opportunities are broad, and finding great deals takes time (and research).   We do that work for you.

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Just Perfect for You

Life used to be simpler.  One style of blue jeans, one kind of navy beans.  Whatever you need help with these days - just ask us.   We'll create a solution just for you or find the right expert  for your needs.

Many needs, One solution.


Things are not going to get less complicated.  We'll keep on top of of sort of new things, so just keep checking with us.  Think of us as your "inside guy."

Markets & Services

From A to Z, old and new, boys and girls, young and old - if we don't have it, we'll find it for you. Our current line-up includes the following.

Your favorite Team

Pick your team and get the latest gear and best-selling sports fan apparel.

Book treasures

We scoured the world of new and vintage books, to bring you the rare books and new issues at the best prices.

Vintage Clothes

Beautiful, like new, designer clothes. Why wear mass produced when you can dress in top quality, top designer duds?

restored Photos

One-of-a-kind solutions for your precious family heritage portraits and snapshots.  Management, organization and backup for all your new digital photos.

Family History

Expert and tenacious genealogy research.  Don't lose your family ancestry in the digital revolution.  Thousands of family will lose their lore as this generation grows up with the Internet.

Custom Research

Change your Website's Primary Scheme instantly by simply adding the dark class.

A Logo Project

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